Thursday, March 1, 2012

Follow this blog!

So, when designing this blog apparently some of my favorite gadgets aren't going to work on this new awesome template.  I like the template you see here, but the twitter update feed isn't working.  So.... if you want to find me on twitter (it's lots of fun, I hope you do), my name is gfstitchery.  I tweet pictures of my dog and whatever craft I'm working on, in advance of posting here, and also some handy retweets of household tips, how-tos, and more.
BUT, one of the greatest gadgets that IS working is the followers button.  It's docked on the right hand side of the blog and you should totally click on it!  It'll help you find your way back here for more of my posts in the future, which are going to be so inspiring and cathartic, let me tell you!  I hope you will also find them useful, well-written, and maybe a tad humorous.... Stick with me and we'll get it done!
I hope you'll also find me on facebook, my page is called Grass Floor Stitchery.  It's just getting started, but in the future I don't doubt that there will be fun things like giveaways and of course right now you can use it to stay updated on everything I'm doing at GFS.  One of the things I've learned about me so far is that (maybe because I have bipolar disorder) every day is different.  So one thing is certain, it's sure to be a fun ride! 

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