Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New blog, new job, new start!

Hi you guys!  You've found me.  I was at, but now I'm HERE!  Yay!
So to start off this great new fresh idea I've got, let me tell you a bit about the Grass Floor Stitchery.  The rest will unfold as we go along, but I want to incorporate more of my life, love, and writings here on this new blog.  Make it more "me," so that it'll reflect more of my bliss and more of my passion and more of my self. 
The Grass Floor Stitchery is a place where you can be barefoot as you sew and craft, in the open "air," with your friends and pets and loved ones all nearby, and everyone can enjoy a democratic circle of ideas and knowledge and experimentation where knowledge ends.  Get it, grass floor, like grass roots, and like ground floor?  Yeah....
I've also started a new job, the first job I've actually gone to in over seven years.  Yep.  (I'll get back to my other jobs that I haven't had to "travel" to in a minute.)  It's perfect, almost heaven.  Three days a week you'll find me at Quilter's Stash quilt shop in Hurst, Texas.  And sometimes, at the Southlake store too.  We're an authorized Bernina sewing machine dealer, so I am very excited to learn all I can about what all those awesome things can do!
I just hope and pray that every day I am there I do the best job I am able, so that I can earn money to throw towards this new fledgling project, Grass Floor Stitchery.
So that's two of my current jobs, and another of my current, never-ending jobs, is taking care of myself.  I have significant bipolar disorder I, and will have to be on medication for the rest of my life.  But I've come a long way, it's been nine years this month that I have been diagnosed.  And since it's usually latent or undiagnosed for about ten years before diagnosis even occurs, I've been living with this for nearly two decades.  I didn't talk about this aspect of my life on my previous blog but it's been a major aspect of my life, although with the help of my really and truly expert, God-sent doctor and a great new therapist, plus with a new attitude that has come from starting over in a new place, it's becoming less so. 
I've been blessed with a great, never-let-you-go family that has saved my stubborn behind more than once, and as mentioned, great doctors, case workers, and therapists as well.  There have also been some that weren't so great, and I've learned important things from those experiences too.  So I really have a lot of experience and firsthand knowledge that I can share (free of charge, of course) to those who need/want to hear it. 
So this blog will be about sewing, quilting, all my many jobs, crafting, people, and living with bipolar disorder while dealing with all of the above!  Oh yeah, and my stubborn-as-I-am border collie, Trace, too, for good measure.  He doesn't listen but he is my only companion and he loves me fiercely.  I also do yoga and that will be peppered in too.  And smoothies, and, and, and. 
Thank you for being my audience!  I love you all!

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