Thursday, April 12, 2012

New addition! Bolt!

I write this post in between bouts of getting up and rescuing some article of value or another from my new dog's mouth. At almost three full years of age, he is the oldest "puppy" I have ever seen! He has two speeds, on and off, on being one million miles a minute and off being sleeping. Trace and I have been taking Bolt on walks or to the huge empty field across from my apartment EVERY day, and that buys us a few hours of relative peace and quiet. Then it's back to bouncing around the room again!

I rescued Bolt from Fort Worth Animal Care and Control last Wednesday. He was one day away from being euthanized, and if I hadn't come into the picture, less than one day. I brought Trace with me to make sure it wasn't a huge mistake, to see if there was even a remote chance that my first dog would accept a second one. Trace saw Bolt through the windshield of the car and barked once, then whined a little. I got him out and brought him over to the chain link fence where Bolt was enclosed with his friend Tiffany. Bolt and Trace took to each other right away, with Bolt taking a playful stance on one side, pointed ears back, and Trace whining and barking playfully on the other.

A few minutes went by, and behind my back another dog came around the corner, on leash with a worker from the shelter. Trace went ballistic, pulling me over on his leash. The other dog, Capone, was a real sweetie according to Tiffany, but Trace did not think so. He may have been barking at both the person and the dog, I don't know. There were a couple of other encounters in which Trace did not do so well, but when Tiffany, Kristen, Lauren and I (the other wonderful volunteers) brought Bolt out to the parking lot, Trace did great again! He walked on leash with Bolt by his side when both the volunteers and I held the leashes.

So we loaded Trace up into the back seat and Bolt into the passenger seat, and off we went, three now and not two!

Now Trace is engaging Bolt in a round of play that I have not seen yet since I brought them both here. Yay! Bolt is running circles around Trace, but Trace is holding his own. He's used to being the younger, faster model, so this is new for him and it's taken a little bit for him to adjust to Lil' Bit.

I'm giving it a trial period to see how they both do. Bolt is very energetic and not used to being inside much I think. As long as they get along, I think Trace and I can keep up with Bolt and we will all be very happy!

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